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Driver Drill

It is used mainly for drilling holes which also allow the users to unscrew and tighten screws. Adjust the torque cap or torque control prevents crushing of the screw or damaging the soft material. At proper torque, it has the function of damping the force and the drilling that can drill the hole.

i.e. Woodworking, interior designer, signboard construction, and various electronic equipment repair.

Hammer Drill

A product with a hammer function added to the driver drill. The hammer function is a tool that breaks the concrete like a hammer by puncturing the front and rear whereby hitting vibrations in the axial direction.

i.e. Woodwork, tiling, concrete-pouring works, tent / steel structure installation, extension signboard.

Impact Driver & Impact Wrench

Unlike driver drills, the impact driver is a tool that is specialized in the ability to unscrew and tighten larger bolts or screws. Impact (shock) acts, so you can easily loosen the high-tension bolt, or you can quickly penetrate the steel plate with a straight piece.

i.e. Bolt / screw assembly, construction, automobile plant, motorcycle maintenance, assembly work for various devices and furniture etc.

Angle Grinder

A tool that cuts or polishes the surface of an object using a high-speed rotating grinding wheel.

i.e. Construction, automobile plant, prefabricated panel, air conditioning construction etc.

Cutting Tools

A tool used to cut steel, wood, PVC, etc. with the principle of operation of the power tool, such as rotation, straight line, and vibration output.

i.e. Construction, interior design, plumbing, woodworking etc.